Thursday, 22 January 2015

Create Vignette Effect in Seconds- Great for Weddings Photos!

Adding a vignette to your photos is simple but really draws the eye to the subject of your image. This effect darkens the edges around a photo, leaving the focal point in the oval or circle photo highlighted.  Using PhotoDirector on your mobile phone, you can quickly create the vignette effect that is great for wedding, scenery or other romantic photos. 

6-Step PhotoDirector Mobile Vignette Tutorial 

1. After you open PhotoDirector Mobile, select the image you want to edit from your photo library. Then click the "Adjust" button at the bottom.

2. Next, scroll to the right in the menu that pops up. Find and touch the "Vignette" icon. 

 Step 1 (left), Step 2 (right)

3. An oval will appear. To move the vignette area, use one finger and touch the center circle and drag. To change the size, use 2 fingers to stretch or shrink the oval. To change the shape, use 1 finger and drag any of the square touch points.

4. To adjust the intensity and strength of the shadow, use the slider at the bottom. For more precise editing, click on the box in the bottom left corner. You will have the option to select "Shade" for lighter or darker edges or "Feather" for lighter or darker focal point.

  Step 3 (left), Step 4 (right)

5. Once you've gotten the desired effect, click on the check in the upper right hand corner.

6. Then, continue editing in PhotoDirector. When you are finished, click the floppy disk to save and share your vignette image!

 Step 5 (left), Step 6 (right)

Haven't got PhotoDirector Mobile yet?
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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Improve These 3 Types of Selfies with Lens Flare

Make your selfies shine by adding lens flare in just one touch! YouCam Perfect now has the Lens Flare feature to make your photos luminous and invoke a sense of drama. We're bringing you 3 before and after shots of selfies that have been enhanced by adding the Lens Flare!

Lens flare usually shows in photos as bright streaks or shapes, as seen in the various flares in the above strip. The flare is created as light enters the lens and hits the camera's sensor. While these lens flares lower the overall contrast of a photograph, they also enhance the artistic quality. It can be caused naturally by artificial lighting, the moon in the night sky, or when the bright sun is just outside the image frame. But now you can add lens flares to your selfies and photos in just a few seconds using YouCam Perfect!

1. Outdoor Selfies
When you take a shot outside with the sun or moon light, a natural lens flare makes the photo dreamy and romantic. When you can't get the flare naturally, you can add one to enhance the artistic quality of your image.

During this sunny day at the beach picture below, the original selfie was rather plain and boring despite the wonderful weather. By adding a lens flares in the sky, on the subject's hair, and coming in from the bottom right corner, we can really capture the intensity of the sunlight on that lovely day at the beach.

Before (left), and after applying 3 Lens Flares using YouCam Perfect (right)

2. Special Events (and when wearing jewelry)
If you are wearing a great necklace, bracelet or ring, sometimes you really want to flaunt it! But often your precious jewelry doesn't catch the light enough or it just appears lackluster without professional lighting. Now YouCam Perfect can help your diamonds and metals sparkle by giving it that extra highlight with a one-touch Lens Flare.

Imagine the wedding day scenario as pictured below. This couple hopes to show off the necklace and earrings because they are family heirloom pieces passed down through the generations. By intensifying the light with two Lens Flares, we highlight these important, sentimental items while also making the bride look even more stunning.
Before (left), and after adding Lens Flare to the necklace and earring.

3. Birthdays (or whenever you have lit candles)
Whether you are young or old, birthdays are a time to celebrate! So why shouldn't your photos reflect the spirit of joy and celebration? Especially when you are taking photos in front of the fully lit birthday cake, adding a lens flare can really make your birthday photos truly special.

In this little girl's photo below, we added an X-shaped flare on each of the candles to reflect the sense of movement from the flames. The background was also rather uninteresting, so we also added a larger lens flare to add interest and enhance the atmosphere of the image.

Before (above)

After (above) adding Lens Flare to each candle and two in the background.

How to Apply Lens Flare:
If you haven't downloaded the most popular selfie cam YouCam Pefect, get it now for free on iOS and Android devices.

1. Once you open the app, take a new photo or select any photo you've already taken from your photo albums. 
2. Then go to the "Deco" tab and select "Lens Flare" and select one of the shapes. 
3. You can move it around, resize it using two fingers, and change the angle of the flare with the two circle arrows. 
4. Then click the check box in the top right corner when you are happy. 
5. You can add another lens flare, continue using other features in YouCam Perfect, or click the save icon to save and share your updated image.

Find the Lens Flare feature in the YouCam Perfect menu inside "Deco

Monday, 12 January 2015

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Our connected lifestyle has turned us into creators and memory keepers. We are all mobile photographers, selfie takers, and video makers. Our Create & Play blog shares new ways to capture, enhance and share your photos and videos.

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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Be Fearless! Try Out a New Hairstyle with Our Virtual Hair Salon

It's a new year and there's no better time to consider a fresh new hair cut or color. But don't rush off to the salon or make an appointment with your hairstylist just yet. We've got a new tool that will transform the way you find your next hairstyle. YouCam Makeup now lets you try out different hairstyles and colors to find that best new look for you (available now for Android and iOS)! 

YouCam Makeup's latest hair styling feature lets you experiment with true-to-life hairstyles ranging from long and curly to short and straight. Using your own photo, you simply apply the style to see how the it will look on you before you commit to changing your current cut. Once you've selected a style, choose from a variety of colors to find the shade that looks best on you. 

And what makes this so realistic is the technology lets you fine-tune the look to fit your own face and features, such as adjusting the length of the bangs or where they fall on your forehead. Simply swipe your finger on the hair you want to adjust and voila- it's just as if you had a comb and scissors in your own hands! This short video shows how quick and easy it is to use YouCam Makeup's newest hairstyle feature:

Why not try a radical new style?


If you've been thinking about trying out a bold new hairstyle, now you can with no fear of messing up your real hair! Want to try blonde and curly? Let your personality shine with whatever style and color combination suits your fancy. Note that the hairstyle feature works best with your hair pulled back off your face. 

Try a new cut and color!

A good hairstyle for women reflects our femininity, our identity, and can certainly influence our mood. A hair makeover can give you a whole new energy and liven up your spirit to take on the new year. Try out one of our 9 colors from deep black, auburn, coffee, chestnut or even blonde!

Go super short!


If you've never had the guts to cut your hair short, but you want to know what you'd look like, try out one of the short hair styles in YouCam Makeup. Almost every woman can wear short hair, but the secret is finding the right cut for your face shape. Try out the styles and different shades to discover the look that best on you before you take the plunge and cut off you long locks.

Try a New Hairstyle with YouCam Makeup!

YouCam Makeup uses CyberLink's facial recognition technology on your own photo to recognize your face, and then lets you play with different face, eye, and lip products to see how they look. With hundreds of makeup apps out in the market, YouCam Makeup provides the most realistic cosmetic overlays for you to achieve that perfect look.

Try it out today for free on the ITunes App Store for iOS and on the Google play Store for Android.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

5 Coolest Places to Take Selfies in Vegas During CES 2015

Is your 2015 off to a stellar start so far? This January CyberLink is not only celebrating the New Year, but also relishing in the future of innovation at the 2015 International CESConference in Las Vegas, Nevada! From self-driving cars to 3D candy printing, CES is the go-to destination to discover what’s in store for the tech world during the upcoming year. CyberLink is on-site reporting about what’s hot and happening during the festivities, and our team is hosting attendees in our hands-on digital editing suite. We’re dying to share the excitement of the conference and the thrilling Vegas atmosphere with everyone who can’t be here, so we went ahead and sleuthed out the top five Vegas destinations…to take perfect selfies during CES!

Destination #1: The Venetian Hotel & Casino
Beautiful blue skies every day is a key element of photographic splendor and the Venetian has them 24/7! Walk over to The Venetian Hotel’s lovely canals and bust out your YouCam Perfect App to capture the poetic environment. Make your friends and family envious by sharing your masterpiece on CyberLink's U Messenger!

Destination #2: CyberLink’s CES Suite
CyberLink’s Digital Editing Suite at the Cosmopolitan is fully equipped with the all of our latest editing solutions and brilliant apps, with our selfie photobooth and expansive Vegas skyline views, how could you stay away?

Destination #3: Paris Hotel & Casino
Say “Bon Voyage” to boring selfies, and take a photo in front of the Paris Hotel & Casino! Their faux Eiffel Tower will allow you to experience true “Joie De Vivre”.

Destination #4: High Above The Vegas Strip
Take a sun kissed selfie showcasing your majestic hotel room view. The Las Vegas Skyline is constantly evolving and changing, make sure to stay someplace similar and compare the changing landscapes in your photos on your next trip! If you get a little too much sunshine in your photo, try adding  a vignette effect with PhotoDirector!

Destination #5: On The CES 2015 Tradeshow Floor
Promising hustle, bustle, and innovation galore the tradeshow floor at CES 2015 is the perfect place to take a selfie. Remember to try out all the new phone and camera technology, you could discover your new favorite device perfect for running your favorite CyberLink Apps!

Now get out there and start taking some selfies! Follow CyberLink on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to get even more live updates from CES 2015.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

5 Essential New Year's Makeup Looks

As we ring in the New Year all over the world, it's the time to welcome in 2015 with open arms and say goodbye to the past year. In the spirit of adventure and a new beginning, we've got 5 essential makeup looks inspired by all the things associated with New Year's parties- Champagne, Fireworks, a Disco Ball, Confetti and Midnight

Take this night as your chance to step outside your makeup comfort zone. Take a look at these makeup styles created using the best makeup looks and tools in YouCam Makeup

Before the New Year's Makeover

1. Champagne- Sophisticated Charm 

Champagne is golden, bubbly and light, so we put together a look inspired by this sparkling drink that will have you ready for all your day or night parties! We applied foundation and a light pink blush to the apples of her cheeks. Then, using the eye shadow trio "Butterscotch chocolate chip" in the shimmering tone, we dusted her lids to give them a gentle metallic shade. We added winged black eyeliner to make the look pop, just like that bottle of Champagne! When applied with a slightly glossy champagne-nude lipstick, this illuminating look is ready for the New Year!

Choosing sparkly eye shadow trio (left) and the full look with subtle lip gloss and blush (right)

2. Fireworks- Light Up the Night

Recreate the night colors of New Year's fireworks! To stay fresh, we applied a foundation based but no blush. Then, using a custom eye shadow trio in shimmering blue, green and purple, we applied the shadow to give a rainbow light effect. We lined her eyes with a fun purple winged eyeliner, because it's New Year's so don't be afraid of color! For the lips we used gorgeous bright ballerina pink in matte to make sure the lips don't compete with the eyes. And there you have your firework-inspired makeup style for a festive night!

 Choosing sparkly eye shadow trio (left) and applying purple winged eyeliner (right)

3. Disco Ball- Glitter the Night Away

This glittery 70's look uses one of YouCam Makeup's the preset "Looks" called Drama, and then customizes it for a more personalized look. With our inspiration the disco ball, we applied the plumpest lashes to give you the biggest volume. Then, using the eye shadow duo in shimmery white and silver, we apply this all over the eyelid. Finishing the look up with a gentle pink blush and matte pink lip, you are ready to dance the night away!

 Choosing one of YouCam Makeup's "Looks" called Drama (left) and selecting silver eye shadow (right)

4. Confetti- A Colorful Surprise

For a more whimsical look inspired from the colorful confetti we throw at the New Year, try this vibrant look! We applied evening foundation and a pretty pink blush to her cheeks. We trimmed her brows to frame her face and really focus the attention on her eyes. Then, using a customized eye shadow trio in red, blue and yellow shimmer, we dusted her top lids. We added long curly lashes and subtle eyeliner to bring the look together. For the finishing touch, we added a glossy wine purple shade of lip gloss!

Trimming the eyebrows (left) and choosing the purple lip gloss shade (right)

5. Midnight- A Mysterious Moment

Midnight on New Year's is filled with elegance and mystery--- who will you kiss when the clock strikes twelve?  Inspired by this moment, we applied one of YouCam Makeup's preset "Looks" called Elegant, then personalized it to create a deeper feeling. We covered the lids with a silver and black shadow and added dark magenta matte lipstick. For an added element of fun, we used the eye color feature to add a colored contact lens for even more fierce eyes. The eye makeup is sensual and intense, so it is perfect for this evening!

Using one of YouCam Makeup's "Looks" called Elegant (left) and trying a new eye color (right)

Happy New Year to all!

Here are all the fabulous New Year's looks~

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Secret to Taking Perfect Holiday Group Shots

Eyes looking a bit tired after wrapping presents late into the night? Skin looking pale this winter because it's been months since you've seen the sun? Still have to look bright-eyed and cheery for your Christmas photos?

We're here to help! Our YouCam Perfect app is great for fixing up your group shots because you can easily edit each face independently. Simply snap a photo using YouCam Perfect, or "Edit" one of the images already stored in your phone.

Let's take the family Christmas photo and open it up in YouCam Perfect to make a few quick improvements. 

Click on "Beautifier" (left) and then select the face that you wish to edit. 

While the kids don't need any touch-ups, mom wants to brighten up her skin and hide some wrinkles while dad wants to banish his dark circles.

For subtle but noticeable improvements to your complexion and skin, try using a combination of these beautify features:
  • "Skin Smoothener" will smooth your fine lines and soften discoloration
  • "Skin Toner" will either brighten or tan your face, depending on the tone you select
  • "Face Reshaper" will help you look a little slimmer if you've gained a few holiday pounds this season
  • "Face Contour" will make your features stronger 
  • "Blemish Removal" will hide any unwanted holiday guests (ahem, pimples)
  • "Shine Removal" will get rid of that unflattering shiny, glow that we want on the Christmas tree but not on our face

Before (left) and After applying YouCam Perfect Beautify features (right)

Eye bags are a common problem for older men, but "Eye Bag Removal" will give you the hours of sleep that you might have missed last night by hiding your dark circles quickly.

Simply select "Eye Bag Removal" and use the slider to choose the degree of coverage.

 Before (left) and After applying YouCam Perfect "Eye Bag Removal" (right)

For an optional festive addition to your holiday photo or to turn it into a holiday e-card, add one of the free holiday templates.

After you've finished enhancing the faces in your photo, choose "Deco" and then "Frames" to add a Christmas or New Year's themed frame, collage or scene.

Add a template in "Deco" (left) and Saving your image with options to send (right)

Finally, you can send your perfect Christmas or New Year's photo to friends and relatives using U messenger, Facebook, or any of your favorite ways of sharing photos. Happy Holidays!

If you haven't gotten the most popular selfie camera app yet, download YouCam Perfect on your iOS or Android device now!