Thursday, 5 March 2015

Mona Lisa Get A Makeover

International Women’s Day is almost upon us, and the internet is buzzing with discussions on of inspiring ladies throughout history and their prolific achievements. Recently an English Mother used CyberLinks YouCam Makeup to apply virtual cosmetics to her baby, creating quite a stir. In celebration of great dames across the globe, we decided to use the app for a slightly different purpose: To honor women in classic paintings by giving them a modern makeover. 
**Mona Lisa Courtesy of:

The paintings we chose to give a refresh are "Mona Lisa ", by Leonardo da Vinci, and "Girl With a Pearl Earring ", by Johannes Vermeer. All of these iconic works of art are exercices in portraiture, and if we consider “Selfies” to be the modern equivalent of "Portraits", it seemed quite appropriate to give these ladies a style update with an app devoted to “Selfie Photography”. This refresh celebrates women in the arts throughout history and today. 
**Girl With The Pearl Earring Courtesy of:

Women and Art History: A Love Hate Relationship 
Throughout history, women have played an important role in visual art as models, represented flawlessly by some of the greatest artist of our time. For example, this video illustrates 500 years of portraits of women in classic art. Unfortunately historically very few women have received recognition as celebrated painters, despite the fact there has been a multitude of talented women artists. 

In the past there were two ways women could achieve status as an artist:
1. By working within an artists’ workshop, restricted to creating portraits and still lifes
2. By entering an order and devoting themselves to religious art 

It wasn’t until the late seventeenth century that we finally saw women painters receiving proper recognition as artists. Regardless of how gifted a women artist was, they were still strangely absent from major museums. Fortunately today, the gap is smaller between men and women in the arts, however it can still be difficult for the latter to establish themselves. 

Are Selfies The Next Big Medium?
“Selfies” are currently quite in vogue. This new kind of self-portrait is recognized across the globe. It is not surprising to see applications for smartphones and tablets completely dedicated to taking Selfies, enabling users to express themselves and share their creativity. Some call this trend vain, but a Selfie, like art, can also be a means of expression. This new form of art that is the Selfie when used appropriately encourages solidarity and freedom of expression, especially on social networks. 

We hope that this year Selfies will encourage women to mobilize, envision and share even more creative ideas, making their voices heard and empowering females everywhere!

**Copyright of these artworks belong to their original creators

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

#YouCamSuperModel Meet The Judges: Louise Maxwell

The Global Fashion Weeks around the world are flying by! With events in Germany, New York, London, and Milan behind us and Paris Fashion Week in full swing, the variety of new fashion trends that have emerged is truly out of this world.

YouCam Makeup’s latest Supermodel inspired cosmetic styles as seen above were released in conjunction with these international fashion events. For those eager to participate in Fashion Week, we are hosting a contest for these fashionistas around the world to share their best camera-ready look for a chance to win a free cosmetic collection from MAC. As part of our high-fashion runway campaign, we have enlisted celebrity judges who specialize in all things beauty to share their expertise and help us decide which of our glamorous entrants will be the next #YouCamSuperModel. Without further ado, we’re thrilled to introduce our first judge!
Meet Louise Maxwell, a self-proclaimed hair and makeup artist, mother, lover and friend. With 30 years of industry expertise under her belt, Louise is an internationally renowned hair and make-up artist whose ability to craft elegantly undone looks with a rock ‘n’ roll edge has made her the go-to stylist for celebrities, luxury brands and leading publications. Louise began her successful career in London, and is currently residing on the picturesque island of Ibiza. Her current efforts involve styling for both weddings and private clientele, with a range of commercial and editorial shoots. Known for her innovative techniques and her calm demeanor, Louise finds inspiration in her children, travelling, tribes, fabrics, and colors.

So far as models and designers go, Louise adores Kate Moss, Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford and Vivienne Westwood. When she’s not predicting the future of fashion (androgyny anyone?), she’s working and playing with her all-star friends and clientele including David Guetta, MTV, Jade Jagger, Stella McCartney, The Ting Tings and many others. As a two-time winner at the British Hairdressing Awards, we’re excited to have Louise joining us as one of our celebrity judges.
Learn more about Louise on her website at and join our #YouCamSuperModel Contest today! Click here to learn how, and check back soon for more judge profiles and continued discussions of all things fashion!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

How to Apply Real Makeup From YouCam Makeup Looks

With YouCam Makeup, you can create virtual looks on your own selfies using so many colors and techniques. But what's the fun in playing with virtual makeup if you can't recreate the look in real life? Well you CAN and it's EASY! I've put together a step-by-step guide showing you how to get started creating your real life makeup looks using YouCam Makeup as a guide. Not only will you get to try out limitless new makeup ideas, but you'll also save time and money by creating the virtual look first before you apply products in real life.

Step 1: Select a Preset Look or Create a Personalized Look

After playing around in YouCam Makeup, I decided to try on one of the pretty preset looks called "Pure" that works for an afternoon out with the girls or even in the workplace. After selecting the preset look, I clicked on the check in the top right corner to save the changes on my face. Then, for more personalization, I adjusted the colors in the preset look by selecting specific areas including Mouth and Eye. I changed my lipstick to a brighter color pink lip and the eye shadow to a more purple iridescent shade.

Next, to see all the products and application techniques used in the virtual makeup look, click on the heart-plus icon. Here you can see all the products, colors, and how they were applied. You can also go a step further and save this look to use again in the future.


Step 2: Review the Products Used in your Look

After you've clicked on the heart-plus icon, you can see what products and colors were used to create your look in this "Save My Look" list. This is the blueprint you can use to apply the makeup look in real life! Don't forget to scroll down to view the full list of the products. 

If this is a look you created yourself or modified from a preset look as I did, you can also choose "Save" at the bottom to name the look and use it again in the future. Or you can choose "Compare" to see a close up before and after image (as the tiny preview image in the bottom right corner shows).

Step 3: Gather Your Makeup to Begin Applying

Now you don't need spend a fortune at Sephora or go running to the drugstore to buy a ton of makeup to create the looks in real life. A makeup kit with the essentials is enough to create most of the traditional makeup looks in YouCam Makeup (of course recreating our costume looks require many more products!)

If you are just getting started and aren't sure what products you would need to create your YouCam Makeup looks on your own face, you can get some ideas for a budget makeup kit such as this drugstore starter kit of makeup essentials from blogger Hairspray and Highheels or the ultimate makeup kit for $100 from blogger Cara from

My makeup kit includes an eye shadow palette with a variety of colors to play with, powder blush, liquid black eyeliner, a simple black mascara, a few different shades of lipstick and a few makeup brushes including essentials like an eye shadow brush and blush brush (without mentioning my everyday skin basics like foundation, powder and concealer).

Step 4: Use Your "Save My Look" Blueprint and Start Applying

Now the fun starts as you begin following the makeup blueprint step by step to create your look. I started with the easiest, lips and cheeks. I dug through my makeup back and found the lipstick that was most similar to the color I chose in YouCam Makeup. I applied a two-toned blush for the apples of my cheeks and sakura pink lipstick color that is subtle yet refined. One trick I use to get the color of lipstick I want when I don't have hundreds of colors to choose from is to layer two different colors together OR use darker shades as stains by blotting off excess color to reveal a lighter lip color.

Before (left) and After Applying Lipstick and Blush (Right)

For the eyes, I always start with eyeliner first, then lashes, and finally apply the eye shadow. The eyeliner I used was a basic liquid black liner that is a good product for creating almost any of the liner styles in YouCam Makeup. Liquid liner gives you a more defined and dramatic look and is typically longer lasting than a pencil. Start with a fine line at the inner corner of the eye, and as you work your way to the outer corner, make the line slightly thicker. You can also line the eye and go back over with a liner brush and black or dark brown eye shadow to fill in the area closest to your lashes. Then, I applied mascara to the top lashes only. Clean up any mess or stray lines with a cotton swab and a little water/makeup remover.

After Applying Eyeliner and a Coat of Mascara on My Lashes 

Eye shadow can be intimidating, because there are so many colors and you might not know where to put each of the colors to achieve the look you want. We try to make it easy for you by providing a color map to help you place each color exactly on your eyelid according to the number we indicate. For this look, I went to my most colorful eye shadow palette and took the lightest white color #1 that actually goes under the inner corner of the eye, then I took the periwinkle color #2 to cover half of my eyelid and then used the darker purple color #3 at the outer corner. The percentage of each color shows you how much product to apply.

After Applying Eye Shadow on my Eyelids According to the Chart 

The Final Result...

After applying the whole look according to the YouCam Makeup blueprint, the result is pretty close to my virtual creation! I'm very pleased with how it turned out and can't wait to create my next YouCam Makeup inspired look. If you've created you own looks in real life using YouCam Makeup as the inspiration, share them with us in the comments below or on our YouCam Perfect and YouCam Makeup Facebook page.

YouCam Makeup (left) versus Real Makeup (right) 

To try on your own virtual makeup looks, get YouCam Makeup for free on your iOS and Android devices.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Incredibly Simple Way to Create Panoramic Photos

Creating a panoramic image is a simple two step process. The first is shooting the photos, and second merging them with software. It is incredibly simple with a digital camera and PhotoDirector, but still there are some general guidelines to follow when taking the images to increase your chances of producing great panoramas.

Guidelines to Taking Panoramic Photos
  • When you take the series of photographs, overlap the images amply, about 30 to 50%, else any photo merging software may not be able to align the files correctly.
  • Shoot in manual and keep your focal length, focus point, and exposure constant throughout the series of images so that you can combine them later.
  • Using a tripod help keep your images on the same level so they can be aligned more easily.
Merging the photos in PhotoDirector
Import your images to PhotoDirector and in the Edit Module, select "Panorama" under "Photo Merge."

Here are the two shots that will be used in this tutorial:

Then drag the images you want to merge to the upper panel and click on "Merge" to stitch the images together.

Having stitched the images together, PhotoDirector will automatically mark the maximum crop area.

However, you can expand the area by using the "Auto full boundary" feature.
Now you can compare both images before and after the "Auto full boundary" feature is applied. You now have a larger area. At this time, you do not need to worry that the photo is slanted, we can always fix this later in the Adjustment module.

Lastly, in the Adjustment Module, some adjustments are applied, such as crop, clarity, vibrance, sharpness and lens correction to produce this final image.
 Here are the original images and the final panorama.

Now, create a panorama with your own photos.
New to PhotoDirector? Try it free for 30 days here.

Friday, 20 February 2015

5 Easy Steps to Create Unique Vacation Postcards for Friends and Family

Standard souvenir shop vacation postcards can often be bland, boring, and oh-so generic that you may think twice before parting with some of your hard-earned dollars to purchase a few to send home. In fact, most of the time you’ll flick through your own vacation shots and find a few that would make the perfect personalized postcard.

With the help of a bit of photo editing on your mobile, and some pre-made backing cards, you can turn these images into unique postcards to send back to friends and family. Here’s how to do it:

1) Find the picture/s you want to use as postcards, and open them in a mobile photo editor such as PhotoDirector App (for Android, iPhone and Windows 8).

2) You can now adjust and edit your photo to make the colors brighter, remove any objects you don’t want in the image, add a frame, and even add some text to let people know where you are.

Using the Removal tool in PhotoDirector App you can get rid of unwanted items in your postcard photo (Left). You can easily add text in a range of fonts and colors with the Text Bubble tool (Right).

3) Next, save the photo. With PhotoDirector App on Android you can save the image either on your device to an SD card. If you’re using the PhotoDirector iPhone app then you’re better off saving the image to a cloud storage location such as Dropbox.

4) With your images saved – it’s time to print them! Take your phone to a local photo shop, a department store (most should have photo printing machines available), or even send them hassle-free through apps like TouchNote. If you print them yourself, choose either 4” x 6” or 5” x 7” size. With the photos printed, there’s just one more thing left to do before you post them off.

If you print them yourself, you can buy postcard backings like this from The2Buds.

5) To quickly turn your photos into postcards, you can use special backing card, such as these from The2Buds. You will probably need to purchase these before you leave for your holiday, and also make sure you buy the right size for the photos you will be printing. With the backing card, simply peel off the adhesive backing, attach it to the back-side of your photo, and write your postcard message. Head down to the local post office or hit "send" in the one of the postcard sending apps, and send your unique postcards on their way.


Don't have the PhotoDirector App yet?
Get it 
on your mobile device for free now!

Monday, 16 February 2015

Become a Supermodel with These Top Fashion Week Looks!

In honor of Fashion Week, we have released exciting new supermodel makeup looks in YouCam Makeup! You can now try out looks inspired by some of today's top models, including Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner, and more. Choose any of the 5 supermodel looks, then apply them to your own selfies for an instantly glamorous makeover that will have you runway ready in seconds!

Take a look at the video below to see just how easy it is to create your own supermodel look!

Cara Delevingne
Modeling may be a serious business, but one of the hottest models around Cara keeps everything fun as a self proclaimed "eyebrow and life enthusiast." Decked out in wacky clothes and always surrounded by superstar friends, she's got the smokin' yet fuss-free makeup that is simply irresistible.
  • Cara's Look- Thick bold eyebrows, smokey eye shadow, bright red lips
 Before (Left), After applying the "Cara" Look (Right)

Kendall Jenner
Drama? Yes, please. As part of the Kardashian clan, she knows just what it's like to be in the spotlight 24/7. While soft spoken and mellow, she keeps her calm with an "au natural" yet sophisticated makeup look. Her fairy inspired look keeps the cameras flashing, ensuring that she is a true a catwalk sensation.
  • Kendall's Look- Long thick eyelashes, winged eyeliner, chocolate colored eyes, peach lips
  Before (Left), After applying the "Kendall" Look (Right)

Gisele Bündchen
As powerful as a goddess standing atop Mount Olympus, Gisele shows her mastery of the modeling world as she remains on top of her game year after year. She is an inspiration to aspiring models everywhere, and her look reflects her true inner self confidence. She boasts a fresh, glowing makeup style even Aphrodite would approve of.
  • Gisele's Look- Icy blue eye color, glowing blush, sun kissed skin, nude lip
  Before (Left), After applying the "Gisele" Look (Right)

Tyra Banks
Known for bring "fierce" and living la vida loca, Tyra has an ever evolving fashion look that never goes out of style. Her passion for empowering women around her makes her a role model and a fighter, and her style is just as fabulously ferocious and fun.
  • Tyra's Look- Light eyebrows, amethyst eye shadow, feline eyes, berry lips
 Before (Left), After applying the "Tyra" Look (Right)

Liu Wen
Trailblazing a place for herself in the fashion world, Liu's outgoing personality and a can-do attitude makes her fabulous inside and out. She doesn't just live fashion, she loves fashion. Her style is classy and refined, but with a punch of drama that shows off her true vibrant personality.
  • Liu's Look-Arching eyebrows, dramatic eye shadow, rosy blush, coral lips
 Before (Left), After applying the "Liu" Look (Right)

Show Off Your Own Catwalk Ready Look and Win MAC Cosmetics!

Enter your supermodel makeup inspired selfies into our global competition to show off your best Fashion Week Supermodel Look and win a MAC makeup collection and other great prizes! To participate in the competition, simply show us your own photo by:

  1. Download the free YouCam Makeup app if you haven't already
  2. Create your favorite supermodel makeup look 
  3. Save and share it on Facebook with the hashtag #YouCamSupermodel
  4. You can also submit camera-ready looks on Twitter or Instagram until March 24, 2015.

**Note: Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner, Gisele Bündchen, Tyra Banks, and Liu Wen are not affiliated with CyberLink in any way.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Must-see Makeup Looks Inspired by Chinese New Year!

In mid-February this year, Chinese people around the world will celebrate the start of the lunar year, also the beginning of spring. But what exactly is Chinese New Year?

According to legend, Chinese New Year began with a monster called Nian who would come at the beginning of the year before springtime and eat farm animals, crops, or even children. To prevent Nian from attacking, people put red paper on their houses because the monster was afraid of this color. They also lit firecrackers to scare him away. This is where the tradition of hanging red lanterns and red spring scrolls during Chinese New Year comes from. 

In honor of the biggest holiday of the year for the Chinese, we've released some daring costume makeup looks in YouCam Makeup celebrating the beginning of spring, and the lucky color red, and the festive spirit of the season. These bold face painting looks include a gorgeous feathered peacock with red lips, an ultra feminine cherry blossom motif, a vibrant lotus rainbow look, and a few lively creatures such as a red winged bird and a butterfly.

1. Fancy feathers and red lips
Beautiful birds of a feather flock together, and you can look fancy at any party this time of year with the amazing green and blue eyes with the peacock tail feather details in just a few seconds with YouCam Makeup. This glamorous look complements evening wear or whenever you want a punch of drama in your look.

 Before (left), After (right)

2. Red cherries to welcome spring
Cherry blossoms are blooming early with this charming face painting. If you are looking for a playful, girly feeling look that combines the sweetness of the season with bright colors, this Japanese geisha style is for you!

 Before (left), After (right)

3. A burst of spring color 
Put on delightful ultra bright shadow, the longest lashes, and floral tattoo for a fun ode to spring. Think of spring flowers during the dark days of winter and look forward eagerly to the first burst of spring color. Spring arrives at different times depending on where you live, but you don't have to wait that long because you can get this bright rainbow lotus look now!

Before (left), After (right)

4. Fiery red wings and a springtime butterfly
These costume looks are great for kids, whether they are at home bored on a snow day or just want to have some fun on the weekend without the mess of makeup. These two looks take makeup to the extreme with blazing eyes and brows. For a more feminine look, spring has sprung with Flutterby the butterfly floral motif face tattoo.


Two different fun costume looks, Red Wings (left), Flutterby (right)

To try on these costume or other traditional preset looks, get YouCam Makeup for iOS and Android devices.