Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Secret to Taking the Perfect Selfie

Getting that gorgeous self portrait just got even easier! Show off your best selfie in 3 easy steps using the best loved selfie beautifying app YouCam Perfect that is now fully integrated with the mobile cosmetic kit YouCam Makeup.

Thenextweb praised these two CyberLink beauty apps, saying YouCam Makeup is great if "you’re sending a wallet size photo to your parents or kids or have to get a LinkedIn shot up quickly," or you can use the features of YouCam Perfect to give you "a more natural selfie fix."


Step 1: Perfect Your Selfie

Open the YouCam Perfect app, and select the Beauty Camera to auto beautify your face. You can continue to Edit the image if you want to use the other great YouCam Perfect features such as effects, frames, and scenes as you normally would. Or choose Makeup to use the virtual makeup kit in YouCam Makeup.

After capturing the image with YouCam Perfect & using auto beautify. Menu to continue editing.

Step 2: Apply Makeup 

Now you're ready to play with all the true-to-life makeup tools in YouCam Makeup including tools to enhance your Skin, Face, Eyes, and Mouth. Mix, match and try hundreds of different lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, or foundation color combinations. Or experiment with the preset Looks such as Office Lady, 40s, and Rocker-themed for instant, effortless makeovers in just one touch.

I tried out the "Rocker" look in the photo above, then customized it by choosing my own lipstick color and eyeliner. Use this mobile beauty toolbox to highlight your best features and try out new looks before you apply the makeup in real life!

Step 3: Add Frames or Make a Photo Collage

To add another touch of elegance to your images, select the output options of YouCam Perfect Edit or YouCam Perfect Collage after saving your makeover portrait. Choose from a variety of uniquely designed borders and frames. 

You can also create a photo memory to share with your friends or family with the “smart collage” photo collage
. Create great looking collages quickly without worrying about the details of getting that perfect placement. YouCam Perfect now intelligently crops your photos by automatically detecting faces and retaining the important portion.


Bring out your beautiful side! 

Download these 2 beauty apps today for free on the ITunes App Store for iOS and on the Google play Store for Android.

Monday, 18 August 2014

3 Back-to-School Eye Makeup Ideas with YouCam Makeup

How can you decide which makeup styles and colors are best for you? Now it’s easy with CyberLink’s free YouCam Makeup mobile app. Before you go out and purchase new makeup products, find out which styles and colors are most suitable on this true-to-life virtual makeover solution. 

We've got 3 ideas for your next eye look that will have all the heads turning this fall. Tailor your eye makeup styles for these different occasions, and show off your best face back at school!

Back to School Party Look

As the summer winds down and everyone heads back to school, don’t let your style cool down. Go for a bold shock of eye color to show off your personality at the next back-to-school party. YouCam Makeup lets you organize all of your favorite color palettes and save them to use later. Choose from two or three color palettes and hundreds of color combinations.

For this look, use light green at 100% intensity on the inner eye (1) and bright teal on the lid at 55% (2). Choose long lashes in gray for a softer look and eyeliner in brown.

YouCam Makeup products used:
Eye shadows: 1) light green 100%, 2) teal 55%
Lashes: dark brown, long 100%
Eyeliner: brown, 50%

A Study Date with the Girls

Makeup should be fun and highlight your own natural beauty, both day and night. For a daytime look, try out softer colors instead of black, especially if you have fair skin.

For this look, use subtle tones like gray to create a lovely daytime smoky look. Apply the darkest color shadow (the gray) close to the lash line (3).  Use bright green for the center (2) and light yellow green in the inner corner. 

 YouCam Makeup products used:
Eye shadows:  1) bright yellow green 100%, 2) Kelly green 100%, 3) Steel gray 75%
Lashes: light brown, long 100%
Eyeliner: Grayish teal, 70%

Long lashes are not a problem for the daytime, but its best to stick to a lighter color such as coffee brown to make them appear subtle and soft. Eyeliner in light but muted colors also works well, in this look using a grayish teal to line the eyes and complement the shadow colors.

Autumn Dinner Date with Your Crush

To look your best on your date, try a flirty style focused on strong eyeliner and thick lashes. YouCam Makeup has a broad selection of eyeliners and lash styles, allowing you to choose the style, color, and intensity.

For this look, start with eyeliner that enhances your natural eye color. For brown eyes, dark purple at 100% intensity makes the iris really pop. Choose a liner style that tapers slightly upward to give a more youthful and cheerful look. 

YouCam Makeup products used: 
Eye shadows:  1) bright pink 60%, 2) Salmon pink 100%, 3) Dark red 65%
Lashes:  Top and bottom, grey 100%
Eyeliner: Purple, 100% 

For the eye shadow selection, use smoky eye shadows and a dash of bright color. Use a darker reddish brown shadow in the crease of the eyelid (3), a salmon pink in the center (2), and a highlight of bright pink (1). To set off the look, choose thick upper and lower lashes in a gray color rather than traditional black to complete the look. This sexy yet playful look is also great for formal outings in general. 

How Does YouCam Makeup Work?

YouCam Makeup uses CyberLink's facial recognition technology on your own photo to recognize your face, and then lets you play with different face, eye, and lip products to see how they look. With hundreds of makeup apps out in the market, YouCam Makeup provides the most realistic cosmetic overlays for you to achieve that perfect look.

Try it out today for free on the ITunes App Store for iOS and on the Google play Store for Android.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Gardens in the City

New growth returns at this time of year and a walk around the neighbor can be quite refereshing.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

How to Create Light Leaks in PhotoDirector

Light leak happens when there is a gap or hole in the camera body which should normally be a tightly enclosed chamber. The sensor then is exposed to extra light and the light defuses itself into the image and generates unpredictable colors, washes, light, shadows, lines and flares.

Technically, light leak is an error that usually happens in film cameras, especially the plastic toy cameras (such as Holga) that don’t have a great seal. But the trend to create the retro film look in digital photography is popular today and creating an “accidental” light leak simply adds character to the photo.

In this tutorial, we will only apply a couple of gradient brush to create the light leak effect. First, we will apply the first gradient mask on the side to brighten up the base. The adjustments are:
- Exposure: 1.12
- Bright: 24
- Contrast: -18
- Clarity: -58

The 2nd gradient mask is to add a tint of yellow:
- Temperature: 20
- Tint: 76

3rd mask add orange, pink tint but at a different angle:
- Temperature: 60
- Tint: 36
- Saturation: 52

The last mask add more warmth and to cover a larger area
- Temperature: 100
- Tint: 100
- Saturation: 52


The gradient mask are applied in different angles and using different colors to create a simulated light leak.You can add as many layers until you reach a preferred result. You can always adjust each mask separately anytime.

Aside from gradient mask, uou can also use the paint brush to create the light effect.

The final image:


New to PhotoDirector? Try it free for 30 days here.



Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Create a Hollywood Cinema Look Photo

Recent Hollywood movies follow a common coloring trend – warm highlights and teal-tinted shadows. Today, we will create this look with a portrait photo.

The first step as usual is make preliminary tonal adjustments.


 There is a bright background on the left, so I apply a gradient mask to tone down the exposure of that area.


Now, we get to the key part to create the Cinematic effect using the split tone. As mentioned, I select a warm color to brighten up her face and a teal color for the shadows in the background. I also shifted the balance towards the shadow to bring out more of the teal tint.


Next, I revisit the tone adjustment panel to enhance the contrast. In this photo, I find that only adjustment in the Blackest is good enough. I also lower clarity to give her skin a softer look.


For the final touch, I added a vignette to put her face in focus.

And the final cinema look:


You can download this effect from DirectorZone here and apply it to your portrait photos using PhotoDirector. 
New to PhotoDirector? Try it free for 30 days here.